Why Is Duratemp Better Than Plywood Siding?

How long does Duratemp siding last?

Customers have many more color choices with their purchase of Duratemp sheds, and colors can easily be matched to existing structures like homes and garages. It is the most economical siding choice for prefab sheds because it is so low-maintenance — you only have to worry about repainting every eight to ten years!

What is Duratemp wood?

DuraTemp® is a panelized plywood siding product that offers a beautiful and durable solution for existing siding repairs, backyard storage, inspired hideaways, and more. Its plywood construction means the back requires no further finishing when used in an uninsulated application like a shed or barn.

What is Duratemp made of?

Duratemp® is manufactured with a strong plywood veneer inner core that is made of western softwood veneer and a fully water resistant (NAUF) phenolic resin. The surface is a tough hardboard face that won’t split, crack or check — even with rough treatment.

Can you stain Duratemp siding?

Duratemp ® T-111 holds paint extremely well. You can paint or stain this siding, we suggest paint over stain because the stain will not hold up as well. T-111 is one of the most economical sidings we offer.

Does Duratemp siding need to be painted?

Even though there are pros and cons of every Duratemp is frequently believed to be the most inexpensive, attractive, and flexible siding option. This type of siding could be easily color-matched to existing structures and generally does not need to be repainted for many years.

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What is Breckenridge siding?

Roseburg Breckenridge Siding is premium siding panel that is designed to create a beautiful, natural cedar appearance that will last for generations. The face of the panel is manufactured using a select import hardwood veneer that has an attractive natural textured appearance.

What is SilverTech siding?

Innovative LP® SmartSide® Panels with SilverTech® feature a finish -grade radiant barrier that resists flaking and peeling. These panels also help reduce the sun’s radiant energy through the panels. It’s an ideal choice for sheds and workshops that helps keep stored items cooler and brightens the interior.

Does t111 need to be primed?

Personalization. The other downside of OSB T1-11 is you can’t stain this siding. It must be primed and painted, taking away one of the primary reasons homeowners choose to go with this particular siding material.

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