Readers ask: How To Store Hurricane Plywood?

How do you store hurricane plywood in a garage?

Section off a 4 by 8 ft (1.2 by 2.4 m) section of your garage floor. To protect your plywood sheets from warping, the best way to store them is by laying them flat. Use lumber to create a base that will keep the plywood off the ground. Moisture can seep up through the earth, causing your plywood to rot.

How do you store storm panels?

Store wooden or aluminum shutters flat in a dry area of the basement or a storage shed where water cannot reach them. Aluminum shutters may also be stored vertically, but always store wooden shutters horizontally to prevent warping.

What plywood will not warp?

Plywood made from seasoned Double Fir wood is less likely to warp than other plywood types. Which is why it is perfect for building structures that need to withstand moisture and weather exposure. While other types of wood species continue to shrink and swell after seasoning, fir stays incredibly stable once it dries.

Will plywood stay flat?

“Plywood or other sheet stock can warp, especially if it’s stored surface to surface,” Bruce said. “The blocks separate the sheets so air can circulate on both sides. Flat sheets from the lumberyard stay flat this way, no matter how long they’re stored.”

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Can plywood be stored outside?

Exterior-rated materials (exterior plywood, OSB, etc.) can be safely stored outside, but they should be covered – remember that most exterior-grade materials are rated for intermittent moisture exposure, not constant direct wetting.

What plywood is best for hurricane protection?

Before hurricane season even arrives, you should purchase enough boards of 5/8-inch CDX plywood to cover all your building’s windows. CDX plywood is meant for exterior uses, so it will hold up better over time after repeated exposure to weather.

How thick should plywood be for hurricane protection?

The Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH) recommends buying sheets that are at least 5/8 inch thick, and Rochman agrees, saying 1/2 inch is too thin. Make sure to measure your windows and take those to a store to get the plywood cut, or cut it yourself if you have the tools.

How thick should plywood be for hurricane?

Use CDX plywood at least 5/8 inch thick. Place plywood over window, allowing a 4-inch overlap on each side. Space bolts or screws 12 to 18 inches apart.

How do you store metal hurricane shutters?

Difficult to store – You must allow ample storage for your metal panels, preferably in your garage or other easy-access location. It is not advisable to put them in an attic or storage unit, because it will be difficult to access them at storm time.

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