Quick Answer: What Type Of Glue To Use To Gule Plywood Over Asbestos Tiles?

Can I put a subfloor over asbestos tile?

Most asbestos tile floors aren’t level and will therefore require a subfloor. If you’re installing flooring in a kitchen, keep in mind that a subfloor can raise the floor’s height, blocking appliances and doors. It’s always best to consult with a flooring pro before installing a wood floor over your asbestos tile.

How do you seal asbestos tiles?

Encapsulation with a sealant is probably the easiest way to go. Purchase a good sealant that is made for vinyl flooring as asbestos tile is a type of vinyl flooring material. Make sure that you have a full face respirator, gloves and any other recommended personal protective equipment.

Can you pour epoxy over asbestos tile?

You can also use an epoxy floor coating over asbestos tile. Epoxy paint designed for floors holds up well to regular foot traffic. Follow the instructions for your specific epoxy product to apply it to the floor.

Is it OK to put carpet over asbestos tile?

Yes, you can carpet over asbestos floor tiles, provided they are in good condition. When undamaged, they are not a danger and can be left in place. To apply carpet, be sure only to use glue and no nails, not risk piercing the older tile and causing fibers to become airborne.

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Can you cover asbestos ceiling tiles?

Encapsulation refers to covering the existing asbestos tiles to prevent fibers from becoming airborne. Asbestos floor tiles may be covered with carpeting, new tiles or even wood flooring. Encapsulation may also be an option for asbestos ceiling tiles.

How do I get rid of black asbestos mastic?

Mastic must be removed using wet methods when it contains asbestos fibers. This can be done by dissolving the mastic with a suitable solvent, then using a HEPA-filter equipped vacuuming device to remove and pick-up the resulting slurry. Mastic cannot be ground, sanded or abraded to accomplish removal.

Can you paint over asbestos popcorn ceiling?

Asbestos popcorn ceiling can be covered with new ceiling panels or vinyl paint. One way to cover popcorn ceiling is with gypsum board ceiling panels. This material is like drywall but lighter.

What can I put over black mastic?

Can You Seal or Paint Black Mastic?

  • Property owners can safely seal black mastic and then cover it with paint, epoxy, or their flooring material of choice.
  • To remove the black mastic, contractors must keep the material wet to reduce the risk of releasing airborne particles.

What can you put over asbestos tiles?

LIVING WITH ASBESTOS TILE New vinyl, laminate flooring, hardwood, engineered floating flooring, and carpeting can all be successfully installed over asbestos tiles. Even ceramic, slate, and stone tiles can be installed on top, as long as a fiber-cement backer is installed first.

Do you have to remove black mastic from concrete floor?

Fully and effectively removing mastic ensures that the new floor you put down won’t crack or have issues because of the dried adhesive. You also need to take off mastic if you want to polish or buff the concrete or wood foundation.

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Will epoxy stick to asphalt?

New Armorpoxy Surface Bond is a two-component advanced waterborne low VOC epoxy-modified acrylic coating specifically designed for application to flat or stamped asphalt and concrete. Surface Bond is highly resistant to all chemicals, fuels, salts and solvents.

Can I paint over asbestos?

Asbestos cement can be painted but extreme care must be taken not to loosen or release any dust or fibres. In fact, painting can make the material safer by sealing the surface. If you suspect that the material is straight asbestos rather than asbestos cement, do not touch – call in experts.

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