Often asked: What Size Plywood Clip Do You Use On 5/8?

Are H-clips required for 5/8 roof sheathing?

For the most common roof sheathing in our area, which is 1/2” nominal (7/16” actual) sheathing over trusses or rafters at 24” on center, there is no requirement for H-clips. The APA table has a span rating for the sheathing installed with, or without, H-clips, and the span rating is the same both ways.

Are plywood clips required by code?

Anyone installing 7/16″ OSB or plywood on 24 inch spans without end supports (clips) is in violation of “commonly accepted building standards” (the IRC) unless your jurisdiction has chosen to exclude that requirement by law.

How do you use plywood clips?

Position plywood clips onto the top or upper horizontal edge of the installed plywood panels between each rafter or support block. The H-shaped fins slide over the plywood until the middle connecting section is against the plywood’s edge.

What is the purpose of plywood clips?

A panel edge clip (often called an “H-clip” or “plywood clip”) is typically a small piece of galvanized metal that is placed between adjacent wood structural sheathing panels at a location between supporting joists or trusses and/or rafters to provide support to panel edges.

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Do you need H clips for wall sheathing?

Not sure what you mean, but H clips kind of take the place of solid blocking where every single seam has wood under it. However, it’s not necessary for structure as the sheathing is directionally oriented to carry the load to the Rafters.

What are roof clips used for?

Clips refer to metal components that are anchored to a building’s substrate and are used to attach the metal panels. Clip systems are used in conjunction with concealed fastener metal panel systems such as Standing Seam roofs.

How many H-clips do I need?

When it comes to plywood sheathing for roofing purposes, the need for H-clips, also known as plywood clips or roof sheathing clips, may come up. How many do you need for each sheet of plywood? The answer is one clip for each rafter bay/cavity. This is a simple rule of thumb that applies to any roofing job.

What kind of sheathing is used for roofs?

OSB is now the most-used sheathing and subflooring material for new roofs and roof replacements. OSB is currently selling for less than plywood by approximately $3 per sheet, meaning a savings of several hundred dollars per conventional home.

What are hurricane clips?

What is a hurricane clip? Hurricane Ties, also known as rafter ties, truss ties, or hurricane clips, are used for deck or roof framing to secure rafters, trusses, or joists to the wood framework. This is done to resist uplift and lateral forces, like those that come from a hurricane or severe storm.

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What is the minimum thickness of roof sheathing?

Sheathing must be a minimum of 19/32-inch thick. Never affix roof sheathing with staples; 8d ring-shank nails need to be used instead. The normal thickness range for sheathing is 3/8 to 3/4 inch.

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