Often asked: How To Make Old Plywood Wall Paneling Look Cool?

How do you make wood paneling look cool?

Check out these seven ways to revamp wood panels, so your rooms have a whole new look.

  1. Paint the wood paneling. Photo by Tad Davis Photography.
  2. Whitewash the wood panels.
  3. Turn the wood panels into regular walls.
  4. Add stripes on the panels.
  5. Hide the wood paneling with shelves or curtains.
  6. Embrace the wood in a new color.

How do you decorate wood paneling without painting?

How to Decorate Wood Paneling Without Painting It

  1. Paint the trim. Yes, there is some painting involved, but NOT of the paneling – just the trim around the paneling.
  2. Bring in solid colors on furniture.
  3. Create multiple focal points.
  4. Use eye-catching art.
  5. Layer in texture and pattern.

How do you paint over paneling and make it look good?

When painting for wood paneling, choose either a stain-blocking latex primer or an oil-based primer. Apply a thin coat of primer with a roller. Use a brush to fill in any grooves. Allow the primer to dry a full 24 hours before painting over it.

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Can you paint wood paneling without sanding?

So, yes you can paint paneling without sanding it first! Wood paneling is so porous it will suck up every little drop of paint it can get. Use a latex based primer paint with a stain blocker. That paneling has been there for decades and will definitely benefit.

What can I use to cover paneling?

“ Plaster In A Roll is a one-step wall finish that covers concrete block, old plaster, existing paneling, and more.” “Faster Plaster is a paintable wall covering which covers paneling, ceramic tile, cracked plaster, and new or old gypsum board. It may be finished with paint or another wall covering on top.

Should you paint wood paneling?

However, if your house is full of paneling that is dated, damaged, or made of an inferior veneer, it’s worth considering an upgrade. Since removing it could be costly, consider a coat of paint. It can instantly make that dingy paneling look fresh and bright for a fraction of the cost.

Can you paint fake wood paneling?

Apply a normal coating of primer. Latex primer will work best for painting over fake wood panels. If you can still see through the primer, apply a second coat after the first one dries.

What kind of paint do you use on paneling?

Now paint the paneling with an interior latex paint. I prefer satin finish for durability, and it can be washed easily. Paint as you did the primer, cutting in the edges with a brush, and then rolling on the paint.

What kind of paint do you use to cover wood paneling?

Once you have primed your wood paneling, you can use any kind of good quality latex paint to paint it. I tend to use Sherwin Williams Super Paint for most of my wall painting projects.

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What color should you paint wood paneling?

When choosing the right color scheme for a room with wood paneling, it’s best to stick to neutral and earthy colors. The most popular colors include: White. Off-Whites.

How do you rejuvenate old paneling?

Mix a polishing solution to restore shine to the wood paneling. Mix together 1 cup of water and 1/4 cup of vinegar. Add 1/2 cup of mineral oil and 20 drops of lemon oil to the mixture. Mix the solution well to ensure all of the items are incorporated.

Can you put polyurethane on paneling?

Protect the paneling with at least one coat of protective clear finish, such as polyurethane or acrylic (water-based) varnish. Allow the stain to dry for at least 24 hours before finishing.

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