How To Lay Plywood Subfloor Over Wood?

Can you put new plywood over old subfloor?

One of the benefits of removing the old flooring is it allows you the chance to fix any loose subflooring or squeaks by re-securing the main subfloor to the floor joists prior to installing the new flooring. With all that being said though the answer is YES you can install New Wood Flooring over the old.

Can you put subfloor over wood floor?

Yes, you can install over an existing wood floor, provided it meets some important conditions. Then, be sure the existing floor is flat, clean, dry, structurally sound, free of squeaks and free of protruding fasteners. An existing floor used as a subfloor has the same flatness requirements as any other subfloor.

Can you put plywood over wood floors?

Plywood is the best subfloor choice to lay on top of the pine because it nails in securely and creates a flat, even surface for the new floor to adhere to. When laying it over an existing floor, a thinner plywood panel is acceptable; it should be at least 1/4 inch thick.

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How do you add a second layer of a subfloor?

Second Layer Installation First layer must be dry prior to laying the second layer. Place a layer of 15-lb felt on top of the subflooring prior to installing second layer. Adhesives should not be used to fasten the two layers together. Install second layer on top of the first layer inside of the wall studs.

What should I put on my plywood floor?

Wallpaper as floor paper: For this stunning DIY finish, fill and smooth gaps in the plywood subfloor with fast-setting drywall compound and a trowel. Then put down wallpaper in your pattern of choice, followed by three or four coats of polyurethane or other clear hard floor finish.

Can you use plywood for underlayment?

Today, a much better option is a plywood specifically designed as underlayment and made with sustainably forested wood. You can also use AC exterior-grade plywood, which has one smooth face and one rougher face. Always install underlayment with the smoother face up.

Do you need plywood under hardwood floors?

Solid hardwood floors should not be installed below grade, or below the ground outside. A wood subfloor should be OSB or plywood of 3/4″ or thicker for a hardwood floor installation. Particle board and chipboard are unacceptable for solid hardwood installations, but may be used in an engineered flooring install.

Should you lay plywood over plank subfloor?

Take time to make sure your existing planks are well secured in place. Repair any broken planks. Install a layer of at least ½” or preferably 5/8” ply over the existing planks. Like all wooden flooring products, it’s a good idea to acclimatise your plywood before laying it.

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Can I put new wood flooring over old wood flooring?

With all that said, although you can add New Wood Flooring over the old one, the answer is YES. New Hardwood Flooring Over Old Hardwood Flooring: 3/4 “thick or thicker Solid or Engineered hardwood flooring must be built over old wood flooring boards (at an angle of 90 degrees).

How thick does a plywood floor need to be?

The minimum thickness of plywood for subflooring is about 5/8 inch. Since it does not hold fasteners as well as plywood, OSB must be a little thicker, or at least 23/32 inch. There are several factors that determine what subfloor thickness is optimal for added benefits like insulation.

Can I put plywood over OSB?

Your new plywood MUST be installed perpendicular to the joists, so yes it goes the same direction as the original subfloor. You of course have to offset the seams in both directions.

Do I need 2 layers of subfloor?

3 Answers. Fasten your first layer plywood subfloor as you normally should. The second (top) layer of plywood joints should not coincide with the joists and the second layer should not be fastened to the joists. Article quote from – Position of Underlayment to Prevent Cracked Tile and Grout By Frank Woeste and Peter A.

How do you add a second layer of plywood to a subfloor?

Instructions For Installing Another Layer Of Plywood

  1. Acclimate the underlayment. Store underlayment in the room it will be installed in for 72 hours before the actual installation.
  2. Clean the subfloor.
  3. Start installing the plywood.
  4. Staple the boards in place.
  5. Fill the seams.
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Is it better to nail or screw subfloor?

Using code-approved screws rather than nails is the best option for avoiding movement. If using nails for subfloor installation, stick with ring-shank nails; smooth nails may withdraw easier, leading to squeaks.

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